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Make better decisions based on live, local data. With Untappd for Business, can gain insights that you can't find elsewhere, included with your Untappd for Business subscription.

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Data at your fingertips to make better decisions

With 9 million downloads, Untappd has a pulse on what’s trending in the beer space. As a business owner, understanding what’s popular in your area can add significant revenue to your bottom line.

Untappd Analytics helps you dig deeper into beer consumption at your business - and in your area - to help you better engage your customers - and attract new customers! Understanding customer demographics, popular styles, and beer trends can help you make the right decisions to grow your business.

Why Choose Untappd?

Uncover Trends

Dive into your local scene to discover top selling beers, what's trending and the hottest styles.

Real Time Data

Dig deeper into your customer base to understand their drinking and purchase habits.

Track and Grow Return on Investment

Leverage analytics to better understand your business and drive decisions to increase your revenue

Customer Testimonials

As a company, I dread to think how much time and money we spend updating craft beer and cask ale boards. Untappd allows us to update so much more quickly and easily and is helping us keep our customers informed and up to date on multiple platforms.
Nige More
Stonegate Pub Company
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Untappd is the industry standard app for looking at beer lists. It’s an expectation of our guests so we wanted to get our beer lists on the Untappd app. We were able to do that once we got all of our locations Verified on Untappd.
Jonny Stringer
CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc
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