QR Code Menus

Easy-to-use and touchless, QR code menus allow customers to view your most up-to-date menu with their device. Included in your Untappd for Business subscription.

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Why Choose Untappd?

The world's largest beer database

Build your QR code beer menus using our database of over 2M beers

Create a QR code menu in just a few clicks.

Automatically push menu updates to QR code menus

Provide the best customer experience

Create contactless, digital experiences your customers will appreciate

QR codes for all of your menus items: beer, cocktails, wine, and food.

Providing QR code menus helps customers feel safe and reduces the time and resources required for updating paper menus. Keep customers up to date with your menu selections to provide a positive customer experience.

With QR code menus, there’s no need to constantly update, distribute, or sanitize menus. QR codes can be created in a few clicks and our in-house team can help design them to make them fit your brand.

Customer Testimonials

As a company, I dread to think how much time and money we spend updating craft beer and cask ale boards. Untappd allows us to update so much more quickly and easily and is helping us keep our customers informed and up to date on multiple platforms.
Nige More
Stonegate Pub Company
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Untappd is the industry standard app for looking at beer lists. It’s an expectation of our guests so we wanted to get our beer lists on the Untappd app. We were able to do that once we got all of our locations Verified on Untappd.
Jonny Stringer
CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc
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