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Powering Beer Promotions, Acquiring New Customers, Maximizing ROI

Customer Acquisition
Maximizing ROI

Company Overview

Total Wine & More is the nation’s leading retailer of wine, spirits, and beer. Founded as a single location in 1991 by David and Robert Trone, they now operate over 190 stores across 23 states.


Well-regarded for their selection of wine, Total Wine & More was searching for a targeted channel to promote their extensive range of craft and import beers. Unsure of the amount of traffic and the purchasing behaviors that would result, they had reservations about taking on a new initiative within the beer space.

After doing more research and consulting with their beer buying team, Untappd was identified as a leader in the industry, and an ideal partner to connect with a highly targeted audience of beer enthusiasts. Total Wine & More was confident that a partnership with Untappd would be successful based on results they had seen from beer-specific promotions within other marketing channels

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Total Wine & More had historically found that promoting the beer category not only proved strong for generating new customers, but also provided incremental sales to other products, as well. They utilized the Untappd for Business platform to deliver targeted In-App Promotions directly to Untappd’s network of beer enthusiasts.

In-App Promotions

Untappd’s In-App Promotions are a marketing tool used to directly alert, inform, and reward its users. These promos are the most efficient way to connect with Untappd’s audience of over 7 million users. A promo is triggered when a user checks-in a beer (records a beer they drank) within a specific geographic range.

Untappd users unlocked Total Wine & More promotions by simply checking-in a beer near one of their locations. The promotions offered a coupon for beer 6-packs and singles. Upon viewing a promo, users also received a follow-up email with more information regarding the coupon and Total Wine & More.

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“In the first year, we saw positive signs with In-App Promotions and by taking those learnings into the second year we are anticipating an even higher ROI.”
Jill, Digital Marketing Manager, Total Wine and More

Success by the Numbers

Total Wine & More first rolled out Untappd for Business to a pilot set of stores. Later that year, they onboarded all their locations and added In-App Promotions after seeing a positive return on their investment during the pilot. Today, Untappd services over 190 Total Wine & More stores and continues to partner with new locations as they open.

Total Wine & More strategically runs In-App Promotions leading up to key beer-focused events and holidays, such as the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and American Craft Beer Week. As a result of marketing to the Untappd user base, Total Wine & More has seen a significant increase in traffic and coupon redemption, with some promotions experiencing up to a 10x+ return on investment. These promotions not only generated real, trackable revenue, but they also delivered new customers in-store.

Given their success with In-App Promotions, Untappd is one of the only channels Total Wine & More utilizes for targeting and promoting their beer selection.

About Untappd

Untappd is the world’s largest social network for the beer community with over 9 million registered users and 165,000 new downloads each month. Users share and discover beer, while connecting with new businesses and friends. More than 15 million beers are checked-in on Untappd each month. The beer enthusiast engages with partners like Total Wine & More through the mobile app, providing businesses with valuable data and analytics in real time.

The Untappd for Business platform not only helps businesses gain exposure to a targeted market, but partners also leverage a database of over 1.4 million beers. The all-in-one menu publishing toolkit syncs social accounts, websites, print and digital menus, and Untappd profiles in one click. Businesses save time by posting content to Facebook & Twitter pages from the Untappd for Business dashboard. Untappd for Business partners stand out on the app by showcasing events and specials, and alerting subscribers to new beers and events via push notifications.

Businesses like Total Wine & More who are interested in connecting with the Untappd user base can implement In-App Promotions separate from Untappd for Business. In-App Promotions are an effective method to reach a network of active beer drinkers, pushing detailed messages about events and specials. Contact us to learn more.

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