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Lagunitas Brewing Company has its roots in homebrew, but since its inception in 1993, the California-based brewery has become one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the United States. With an ultimate goal of producing the number one IPA in the world, Lagunitas prioritizes its digital marketing strategy to better engage with consumers worldwide and grow brand exposure.


Lagunitas focuses on consumer engagement across all its social media platforms. In an effort to reach new customers and build brand loyalty, they partnered with Untappd in 2015, identifying the app as a leader in the digital space and as a platform where their true, long-time fans existed.

“From an ROI perspective, Untappd campaigns are the easiest way for us to see how many people are drinking our beer, because a check-in equates to at least one beer. Each year, we are able to see trends in consumption, how people are responding to our beers and which beers are outperforming others. This is all possible through viewing our check-ins and campaign reports, and also through listening and observing how people are reacting to sharing the beers and campaigns we promote on Untappd.”
Shane Callahan
Digital Marketing Strategist, Lagunitas Brewing Company


Untappd provides solutions for Lagunitas via Sponsored Badges and In-app Promotions— tools that connect businesses with Untappd’s community of over 7 million users worldwide. Not only is Lagunitas able to provide exciting new opportunities for consumers to experience their brand on Untappd, but the app also provides an easy and accessible means to track ROI through data analytics dashboards.

Untappd’s Sponsored Badges are used by breweries to drive awareness and engagement with brands, new beer releases, and more. Users unlock Sponsored Badges when checking-in the brewery’s beer. Breweries that purchase a badge generally see a 50-100%+ increase in check-ins and typically make Untappd’s Global Trending Beer list during their promotional period. Increased check-ins lead to more exposure and revenue for brewery partners.

Untappd’s In-App Promotions are a marketing tool used to alert, inform, and reward its users. These promos are the most direct way to connect with Untappd’s audience.

Sponsored Badges

Lagunitas has been running highly successful badge campaigns with Untappd since 2015. They experience increased engagement, and fans spread awareness of the Lagunitas brand through sharing earned badges on Facebook and Twitter. Using Untappd’s badge analytics tool, they monitor metrics such as unlocks, demographics and more, all in real-time, making statistic reporting more efficient.

Every April, Lagunitas runs a multi-badge campaign to promote their limited release of triple IPA The Waldos’ Special Ale. Users can unlock from a series of three badges, each earned with different criteria, intended to inspire the spirit of a treasure hunt. The beer is only available on tap and in 6-packs for a limited time, encouraging consumers to seek out and check-in the beer while they can.

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Sponsored In-App Promotions

To further promote The Waldos’ Special Ale, Lagunitas launches Sponsored In-app Promotions for their taproom locations, encouraging local beer drinkers to visit in celebration of the limited release.

Users trigger the promotion by checking-in a beer within a 50-mile radius of a taproom during the promotional period. Upon viewing a promotion, users also receive a follow-up email with more information about the taproom party.

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About Untappd

Untappd is the world’s largest social network for the beer community with over 7 million registered users and 165,000 new downloads each month. Users share and discover beer, while connecting with new businesses and friends. More than 15 million beers are checked-in on Untappd each month. The beer enthusiast engages with partners like Lagunitas through the mobile app, providing businesses with valuable data analytics in real-time.

Untappd for Business is a menu publishing and promotional tool that drives foot traffic and unlocks operational efficiencies. The platform not only helps businesses gain exposure to a targeted market, but partners also leverage a database of over 1.4 million beers. The all-in-one menu publishing toolkit syncs social accounts, websites, print and digital menus, and Untappd profiles in one click.

Businesses save time by posting content to Facebook & Twitter pages from the Untappd for Business dashboard. Untappd for Business partners stand out on the app by showcasing events and specials, and alerting subscribers to new beers and events via push notifications. Breweries like Lagunitas that leverage the Untappd for Business platform also have access to analytics dashboards which provide venue-specific and local beer trends, making it easy to select the right beers and styles to serve to the craft consumer.

Businesses interested in connecting with the Untappd user base can implement Sponsored Badges and In-App Promotions separate from Untappd for Business. They are an effective method to reach a network of active beer drinkers, pushing detailed messages about events, specials, beers, and more. Contact us to learn more.

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